Prior Design Wants To Do Something About The BMW M4 Nostrils

When BMW revealed the new M3 and M4, it’s safe to say that the reactions were “mixed”. Let’s face it, “mixed” is a huge understatement. The new front bumper on the M3 and M4 have to be the most polarizing design choice BMW has ever made since the infamous “Bangle Butt“.

German tuning and design house Prior Design is experimenting with BMW M4 front bumper redesigns

The rest of the car is par for the course when it comes to BMW’s recent design language. However, they made a significant change to the front bumper design by turning their iconic “kidney grills” into massive nostril-like openings.

This change resulted in significant backlash and ridicule online from even the most hardcore BMW fans. However, it would be unfair to say it was all negative. There were plenty of people who weren’t bothered by the new design at all.

Some of those people feel that the design will “grown on” them over time and it will just take a while to get over the initial shock of the big change.

There are others who even like the design very much and are glad that BMW is shaking things up rather than letting things get too stale artistically.

Examples of all these sentiments can easily be found just by going to an M3 or M4 post on BMW’s Instagram and looking through the comments. It’s fascinating really.

As I said before, while not everyone hates the new front bumper the number of people in that camp are not insignificant.

German tuner and aero designer Prior Design is looking to capitalize on that group. The same design house that produced that amazing limited-edition Audi B3 Quattro coupe body kit.

The brand just released a video on YouTube not too long ago discussing possibilities of front bumper redesigns. Essentially they want to come up with something that would put way less emphasis on the very large and polarizing front grills.

The thing is, the entire video is in German with no subtitles in any other language. So, unless du sprichst Deutsch then you’re SOL if you want to understand anything being said by the designer in the video.

I’ll embed the video below anyway just in case though.

The good news is that Prior Design created plenty of renderings. Those can be viewed in the screenshot gallery below or you can just skip to the 7:43 mark in the video below.

German tuning and design house Prior Design is experimenting with BMW M4 front bumper redesigns

As far as I can tell, it appears that Prior’s strategy is to incorporate the more subtle BMW kidney grills found on the M5. Though there are some designs they came up with that do feature large grills but are still only about 1/4th the size of the current grills.

There are a few other design cues I spotted that seem to be inspired by the E92 M3.

Since I cannot understand German, I have no idea if Prior Design is actually planning to produce any of these front bumpers or if this is just a “what-if” scenario driven by curiosity.

If you understand German, watch the video and then let us know in the comments what you gleaned from it!

Otherwise, check out the gallery and then let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

Prior Design BMW M4 Prior-Edition Video

Prior Design BMW M3 Prior-Edition Gallery

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