F1 2020: Eifel Grand Prix Quick Results

Did you miss the F1 Eifel Grand Prix this weekend? If you watched the NBA finals then I’ll forgive you. Anyway, by now you probably want to know who won if you don’t already so you can get that info below. Though if you can, I would highly recommend watching a re-run of the race if possible because it was nuts!

If you just need to get caught up ASAP then go ahead and scroll below.

WARNING! Race spoilers below!


2020 Eifel Grand Prix Results

1st Lewis Hamilton*
2nd Max Verstappen
3rd Daniel Ricciardo

*This victory is Lewis Hamilton’s 91st win which officially ties him with Michael Schumacher for most career wins.

As I said before, it was a crazy race so if you can’t watch a re-run then check out the race highlights here.


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