Fanatec Releases Special Edition F1 2020 Clubsport Wheel

With Codemasters’ F1 2020 set to release on July 10th, Fanatec is out to make sure fans have the opportunity to kit out their home simulators with their latest gear. Hence the release of Fanatec’s F1 2020 limited edition Clubsport wheel.

To make this limited edition wheel stand out Fanatec has given it exclusive styling that really makes it stand out from its other offerings. I’m sure you immediately noticed the forged carbon fiber texturing on the wheel face.

Here’s the thing, that’s not just a vinyl sticker. There is a real 5mm thick forged carbon fiber front plate. The shifter paddles are finished in carbon as well. For contrast various metal and plastic pieces of the wheel are finished in “carbon orange”.

The front face also features the official F1 logo and a LED light bar for engine RPM and shift points. There are additional LEDs that can indicate everything from tire slipping, flag warnings, and even a pit limiter.

There are also a ton of buttons and switches which are all customizable. In fact there are labeled button caps that can be added to easily identify each button’s function.

As you can imagine, this wheel is definitely not cheap. It will set you back $449.95. Again that is just for the wheel. You’ll also need the CSL Elite Wheel base to attach it to; which runs another $399.

That is certainly a lot of cash but Fanatec is offering a deal. If you buy the wheel and the base together they will knock $20 off the total.

They also have a promotion that allows you to buy F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition for PC, Xbox One, or PS4 for just $1 when you purchase the wheel.

Though do not do it if you are an Xbox One owner as the wheel is only compatible with PC and PS4. Which is pretty odd. Why would they include the Xbox One version in the deal if this wheel doesn’t work on Xbox One? Oh well.

If you are a PC or PS4 owner you can pre-order the Clubsport F1 2020 wheel right now ahead of its July 3rd release date.

Are you going to pick this wheel up? Are you bummed that it is not compatible with Xbox One? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.


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