Need For Speed Heat Launch Trailer Previews Racers vs Cops Conflict

By the time you read this we’ll be about a week away from the launch of Need For Speed Heat, a game that was shrouded in secrecy for months up until recently. We now know the game’s fictional location, the car list, and even some of the plot. You can check out my previous post if you want to get caught up on the details.

Need For Speed Heat goes back to the franchises “racers vs cops” roots. Although this time things are not so black and white (see what I did there?). In this game the cops aren’t exactly on the up and up. Rather than just throw street racers in jail, crooked cops are looking to profit off the spoils of captured offenders.

That conflict is front and center in the launch trailer that dropped this morning. A voiceover is essentially a taunting law enforcement with a semi-poetic version of “you can’t stop us”, while the police respond with “you can’t escape”.

I have to say, the more I see of Need For Speed Heat the more I am curious about how they will handle this story. Will it be as straightforward as it seems or will there be some nuance? If the writers can find a compelling way to make players sympathize for both sides then I will definitely be impressed.

I will let you know for sure once I put some time into Need For Speed Heat, as I will have the chance to review it for all of you and give you my thoughts on the final cut of the game. Stay tuned for that as well as interviews with the game’s developers and more.

Check out the launch trailer below and let me know what you think in the comments or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.

Need For Speed Heat launch trailer

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