Fredric Aasbo Wins Formula Drift Round 6 In St. Louis

Over the weekend Formula Drift visited a brand new track for the first time as the series held its first ever event at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis. and things started off, well, interesting.

The weekend was also scheduled as a Pro2 weekend however, a massive and aggressive storm suddenly fell on the venue with winds strong enough to blow away entire booths and visibility at zero.

As a result the Pro2 event had to be delayed until Saturday morning just before the main event kicked off. If you want to know just how bad that storm was check out the Instagram video below taken by John “Jack” Cirone as he braved the storm along with others.



Pretty crazy huh? Major props to the Formula Drift Pro2 and Pro staff to keep the show going despite being seriously challenged by mother nature.

Once the Pro main event got started the talk of the paddock was just how fast the St. Louis course was.  Some drivers even commented that the layout at Gateway Motorsports Park was even faster than Irwindale.

Furthermore, a major heat wave hit just after the storm so the high speeds combined with the high heat saw at least a few drivers switching to back up engines and using things like bags of ice and thermal blankets to keep their cars cool between runs.

So, who beat the heat and the competition? Well a few surprises shook out during the competition.

One of the biggest shockers was James Deane having to bow out of a run against his teammate Piotr Wiecek in the Great 8 due to mechanical failure.

The event also saw several drivers simply closing control on a particularly slippery area of the track during tandem battles.

Ryan Tuerck even went off course in a spectacular fashion during a battle against Vaughn Gittin Jr.

As the day progressed the final four came down to Fredric Aasbo vs Piotr Wiecek and Matt Field vs Chelsea DeNofa.

Fredric defeated young Piotr Wiecek go on to the finals against Matt Field who took down Chelsea DeNofa.

In the end Aasbo defeated Field to take the round win and move up to second place in the overall Pro points standings being just 30 points behind James Deane.

With two rounds left Aasbo needs to out-qualify and out battle James Deane as much as possible if he wants any hopes at stopping Deane from repeating as Formula Drift Champion.

Considering some of the craziness that went down in this round, I’m not ruling anything out!

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