SDCC 2018: Iron Man Edition Hyundai SUV Revealed (Video)

Unless you’ve abstained from basically all forms of media over the last week or so then you probably already know that San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has just kicked off and the movie trailers, teasers, and collectables are flowing like finely aged energy drinks.

If you’ve a reader of this site for a while then you also likely know that I love it when the automotive industry crosses over with other things that I love like video games, movies, and other so called “nerd culture” elements.

So, when I heard that there was an “Iron Man” edition vehicle revealed for Comic-Con I was understandably hyped. However that hype was soon replaced by shock when I learned that the said “Iron Man Edition” car was from Hyundai! Say whhhaaaat?

If you’re not immediately understanding why such a thing would be so surprising to me, allow me to explain.

Since the very first Iron Man movie, Marvel Studios has had an ongoing marketing partnership with Audi basically making the brand the official car of Tony Stark.

That’s why in nearly every Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film featuring Iron Man he’s almost always driving an R8 or another type of Audi vehicle. The only exception being the first Avengers movie as that specific film had Acura as its official vehicle partner which is why you see Tony Star driving that one-off NSX convertible at the end.

Because of that I figured if there was ever going to be an “Iron Man Edition” car it would be from Audi.

However, it looks like at some point Hyundai swooped in and may just be the new official car of Stark Industries.

So what’s this new Hyundai Iron Man car all about? Let’s take a closer look…

The vehicle is based on the recently released Hyundai “Kona” crossover SUV.  The Kona fits in the entry-level to mid-range crossover SUV market segment competing with cars like the Nissan Kicks, Honda HR-V, and Toyota CH-R.

The Kona has two engine options: a naturally asperated 2.0 liter 4 cylinder or a slightly smaller but turbocharged 1.6 liter mill. The NA engines make 147hp while the turbo’d units push that to 175.

On the low end the Kona starts at just $19,500 while the top of the line “Ultimate” trim starts at $27,400. Which actually isn’t a bad price considering what you get for the money.

Though the real question is, what do they do to the Kona to make it into a car worthy of Tony Stark’s approval? The answer: a lot of cool cosmetic stuff.

While the theme doesn’t go as far as I’d like to have seen it go, I will commend Hyundai on doing a little more than just a badge job.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Iron Man Edition Kona is its unique paint scheme. To offset the matte grey body paint, the roof, part of the side sills, and various other external features have been painted the same red as Iron Man’s armor.

Additionally, the daytime running lights are tinted to an “Electric Blue” color to match the same glow that comes from the eyes of Iron Man’s helmet.

There are also Iron Man helmet badges on the fenders, and “Stark Industries” decals on either side of the vehicle on the rear doors.

Though in my opinion, one of the coolest exterior elements of the car are the custom 18 inch alloy Iron Man themed wheels. The spoke design is inspired by Iron Man’s armor and you have the Iron Man helmet right there on the center caps.

Inside the theme continues with a grey and red color scheme to match the exterior and additional Iron Man elements like an Iron Man gear shift knob and Tony Stark signature badging.

However, the real winners of the interior are the custom heads up display with an interface designed to match the HUD UI inside Iron Man’s helmet and the navigation system which also features a “Stark Industries inspired” UI as well.

Even the “smart key” has the Iron Man helmet on it!

Currently, Hyundai hasn’t revealed what the MSRP of the Iron Man Edition Kona will be but as I mentioned before the top of the line “Ultimate” trim of the crossover starts at $27,400 so I’m thinking the Iron Man Edition will be north of that.

One thing Hyundai did reveal is that the Iron Man Edition Kona will go into production starting December of this year for a release currently stated as “first quarter 2019”.

Which is basically some time between January and March 2019. That’s just a few months before Avengers 4 is slated to hit theaters.

Will I be driving one of these to the premiere? Probably not. Though that’s not to say I wouldn’t buy one of these; I just don’t think I’ll be invited to the red carpet!

All together, while I think it would have been really cool if Audi made a “Stark Industries Edition” R8, I’m actually kind of digging this Hyundai crossover.

And If I’m being honest, this isn’t really that shocking. After all, this isn’t the first time Hyundai has gotten involved with the MCU.

The newest Hyundai Veloster makes a significant cameo in Ant-Man and The Wasp which is in theatres right now.

Anyway, what do you think of the Iron Man Edition Hyundai Kona? Are you into it or not? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me your opinions at @MotorworldHype.

For better look at the Iron Man Edition Kona just click any of the thumbnails in this post. You can also check out the reveal video and the official press release below.

Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition reveal video:

Press Release:


Kona Iron Man Edition SUV Makes Global Debut at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con

 Unique Interior and Exterior Design Cues Inspired by the Iconic Iron Man Suit  Kona Iron Man Edition to be “Built-to-Order” with Limited Global Production

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 19, 2018 – “My armor’s maneuverable, fast, and lots of fun at parties,” – Tony Stark. In Stark-like fashion, Hyundai today unveiled a special edition Iron Man-inspired Kona SUV on the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Taking center stage at the Marvel booth, the Kona Iron Man Edition features both exterior and interior design elements that closely resemble and give a nod to the dynamic Iron Man suit. The Kona Iron Man Edition will be available to customers via a limited global production run. Production is scheduled to begin in December, with the first units available in the first quarter of 2019. For more details, visit

“Hyundai’s ongoing collaboration with Marvel is a great way for us to become a part of what people are interested in and engage with a highly passionate fan base,” said Vice President Minsoo Kim, head of Marketing Division, Hyundai Motor Company. “Our relationship is more than just product placement as we aim to create custom experiences that resonate with the Marvel audience. The Kona Iron Man Edition is a perfect example of blending our two worlds together into one special vehicle that we hope will excite fans of both brands all around the globe.”

“Hyundai is excited to work with Marvel on the Kona Iron Man Edition; it really is the perfect mash up,” said Dean Evans, chief marketing officer, Hyundai Motor America. “The first time we saw the Kona, we knew its unique, rugged design drew a compelling resemblance to the strong and iconic Iron Man suit. There is also a nice synergy between the fun and adventurous nature of the Kona and the playful yet bold character of Iron Man/Tony Stark. The outcome is a remarkable special edition that we’re sure will appeal to Marvel fans and SUV enthusiasts alike.”

“Seeing this car come to life is like wish fulfillment for so many of us,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s SVP of Global Partnerships & Marketing. “When you grow up reading comics, you dream of seeing that technology and those inventions become reality. We hope that everyone has just as much fun jumping into this one-of-a-kind vehicle as they would putting on the actual Iron Man suit of armor!”

On the outside, the Kona Iron Man Edition has a unique front-lighting signature, including a custom daytime running light form that closely resembles the facemask and eye shape of the Iron Man suit. This shape is immediately recognizable and is one of the key design inspirations for Kona.

Besides the front fascia design and unique lighting signature, other Stark-like flourishes include an Iron Man mask motif on the roof, a unique V-shaped hood garnish, front-fender Iron Man mask badging, Stark Industries lower fascia and rear door decals, Iron Man-engraved headlamp internal surfaces, custom 18-inch alloy wheels with Iron Man mask center caps, an Iron Man engraving for the D-pillars, and a dark chrome front grille. The exterior color is an exclusive Iron Man red with matte gray.

Inside, Tony Stark’s signature adorns the instrument panel alongside a unique Iron Man shift lever knob, a special Head’s Up Display and center stack featuring Iron Man visual graphics, and a custom seat design.

The Kona Iron Man Edition is the latest project to emerge from the ongoing collaboration between Marvel and Hyundai. This summer, the all-new 2019 Veloster Turbo appears in Marvel Studios’ AntMan and The Wasp. That integration was accompanied by a fully integrated marketing campaign that included new commercials and an interactive sweepstakes offering fans a chance to attend a prerelease screening of the film.

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