Watch BMW Successfully Refuel A M5 While Its Drifting (Video)

Despite the wishes of the nay-sayers, Drifting is just as popular as it ever was and likely isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Over time, the sport has caught the attention of several major OEMS.  Though BMW seems to have a very specific interest in it.

For the last few years BMW has been obsessed with holding the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest drift.  They actually held the record for a while but then Toyota showed up and beat them to it twice in a row.

The Germans had enough…

BMW decided that if they were going to re-claim the record they needed to get more creative with how they pulled it off.  Typically when doing one of these endurance drift sessions, special add-on fuel tanks are used to keep the car going.

However, such a thing adds weight and requires suspension tuning that makes the task more difficult.

So, being the problem solvers that they are, BMW created a way to re-fuel a car mid-drift by delivering 20 gallons of fuel in less than 60 seconds!

If you want to know how they did it, check out the video below.  The video doesn’t specifically say if they managed to break the record but they do note that the car was drifting for over 8 hours.

Tomorrow BMW will release another video which will reveal the results.

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