See The McLaren 720S In Action In New Project CARS 2 Gameplay Trailer (Video) [UPDATED]

The McLaren 720S has just been officially announced as part of the car roster in the up coming Project CARS 2.  This means despite the fact that McLaren already completely sold out of their first year’s allotment of their new super sports car, we can all still drive it…virtually that is.  Though, considering just how realistic the physics are in Project CARS 2, driving the McLaren 720S in game can be pretty close to the real thing depending on your set up.

Hopefully we’ll get some more hands on time with Project CARS 2 at E3 next month.  If so, we’ll give you our take on how it feels to drive the McLaren 720S in-game.

The team at Slightly Mad Studios released not one but two trailers announcing the inclusion of the McLaren 720S: one cinematic trailer and one gameplay trailer of the 720S laying down a hot lap on the Long Beach Grand Prix street course.  Check out both videos below and then head to the comments and let us know your thoughts or you can tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

UPDATE:  Apparently in addition to announcing the McLaren 720S for Project CARS 2, Slightly Mad Studios also announced the Project CARS 2 Ultra Edition.  Only 1,000 copies of the Ultra Edition will be produced so it is definitely going to be a collectors item.  You can see an image of the Ultra Edition below, just click on it for a larger version.


Project CARS 2 Ultra Edition will include (list taken from official website):

  • Includes the full Project CARS 2 game in an exclusively designed, premium-packaged Steelbook™ case, the world’s most sought-after collectable packaging
  • A 1/12 scale resin model car of the gorgeous McLaren 720S in one-off SMS-R Stealth Satin
  • The McLaren 720S Sketchbook: Take a unique journey through the development of this ground-breaking supercar. Exclusively created in partnership with the design team from McLaren, the book lifts the covers on the making of the 720S, including never-before-seen early sketches and models, clays and renders, and guides you all the way through to the final production of McLaren’s new supercar
  • The Project Cars 2 Art Book: A beautifully crafted book that takes you behind the scenes to reveal how the raw excitement of the racing world has been brought to life in the virtual realm. Featuring exclusive images taken throughout the development process, the 200-page book demonstrates the immense attention to detail that is the hallmark of the game, whilst showcasing the stunning new cars and true-to-life locations that make this the world’s premiere motorsports game
  • The Esport Live VIP Pass: Present this pass to any Slightly Mad Studios, or Bandai Namco staff member at Project CARS Esports live events anywhere in the world, and you will be treated to the full benefits that come from being a Project CARS VIP. Meet the team, jump to the front of the queue, or maybe even pick up some free swag!
  • An individually-numbered, embroidered Snapback cap
  • A stunning Project CARS 2 poster signed by the SMS team as well as the real-world drivers who make up Team SMS-R
  • A Project CARS 2 Sticker Sheet: Unique and stunning Project CARS, SMS-R, and Esports imagery and iconography
  • The exclusive Japanese Cars Pack. Revel in iconic JDM machinery with this added content that features four cars from iconic Japanese manufacturers Honda and Nissan:
  • Nissan’s infamous Group A R32 Skyline GT-R
  • Nissan’s sublime 280ZX GTX race car
  • The Euro-spec’ Honda Civic Type R, a modern day hot-hatch
  • Honda’s 2&4 Concept Car—get a feel for the future with this 13,000rpm collaboration between automotive and motorcycle design that screams performance
  • The Season Pass: Project CARS 2 will be fully-supported post-launch with new, bold additional content featuring dozens of cars, as well as many tracks that will enhance and extend the overall experience. All these additional contents will be available to Season Pass holders the instant they are released at no charge
  • The Motorsport Pack*: Exclusively available to Season Pass holders, this exclusive, bonus pack of fan-favourite race cars includes:
  • The 1974 Jaguar E-Type V12, Group 44—beauty, speed, and an absolute motoring icon
  • The Panoz Esperante GTR-1—a ’90s GT stalwart
  • The Audi 1991 V8 DTM—a DTM legend with 460hp @ 9,500RPM
  • The 2016 Opel Astra TCR—a 300hp Touring Car monster
    *This content is not available for purchase, and only available to Season Pass holders, and/or Collector’s, and/or Ultra Edition owners

Project CARS 2 McLaren 720S cinematic trailer:


Project CARS 2 McLaren 720S gameplay trailer:



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