First Need For Speed 2017 Info Revealed. Offline Single Player Coming! Teaser Coming June 2nd?

The massive video game convention E3 is coming up next month so right about now is when all the major players (no pun intended) are starting to drop breadcrumbs hinting at what they’ll be bringing to the big show.

Need For Speed 2017 release date-ish

Earlier today Ghost Games, the EA-owned production team behind Need For Speed dropped a teaser image in a post on the official Need For Speed website while talking about what we can expect in Need For Speed 2017.  First thing’s first.  According to EA we will all be playing Need For Speed 2017 before the end of this year.  Which, would kind of make sense.  I mean it would be weird if Need For Speed 2017 had a release date of March 2018 or something.  So yeah, duh EA.


The post also states that customization will be returning and it will “as strong a role as ever” which I hope is code for expanding what can be customized and what the offerings are.  The customization of Need For Speed 2015 was definitely one of its strong points.

Cops and new road surfaces

The cops will also be making a return in Need For Speed 2017 which is more good news.  I just hope that players can actually be the cops as well in the new game as its always more fun to be able to play both sides.

According to the post canyon racing, and racing on dirt will be a part of the new game, a feature I am looking forward to.

Offline single player mode!

However, the biggest announcement was saved for the end of the post.  One of the most frequent complaints about the previous Need For Speed game is that it was “always online” which basically meant you needed to have an active internet connection to play the game at all, even if you were doing solo missions.  This was mostly because players could spontaneously enter multi-player mode at any moment.  An unfortunate side-effect of this was that players could not pause the game because each time you play it was treated like a multiplayer session.

Ghost Games says they have heard the masses and as a result Need For Speed 2017 will have a single player mode that is completely offline and you will be able to pause the game.  Yay!

Mystery image


There was one more thing.  As you may have seen above, Ghost Games also dropped an image from the game.  The image doesn’t have any cars in it, only a motel sign with a vacancy and below that is a smaller sign that clearly says June 2nd.  This likely isn’t the release date for the game because we know Need For Speed 2017 won’t make its official debut until E3 and June 2nd is more than a week before that.  For a larger version of the image just click on it above.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that June 2nd is probably when the first official trailer for Need For Speed 2017 is going to drop.  I guess no one will really know for sure until we reach that date.

In the meantime, what do you think about some of the first bits of info about Need For Speed 2017?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.



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