Nintendo Bringing Real Life Mario Kart To America? (Video)

Back in November 2016, Nintendo announced that they would be partnering with Universal Studios to open three Nintendo-themed areas at each of the Universal Studios theme parks: Universal Studios Osaka Japan, Universal Studios Florida, and Universal Studios Hollywood.

At the time of the announcement not many details were revealed besides the fact that “guests will feel like they are playing inside of their favorite games.”

Well the team at IGN did some investigating and discovered yesterday that Nintendo filed a U.S. trademark regarding their planned theme parks.

The filing reveals the name of the parks which looks to be “Super Nintendo World” as well as a massive hint about one of their planned attractions.

The filing has specific mentions of “the management or arrangement of kart racing”.  That is pretty much confirmation that Mario Kart will be a part of these theme parks.

This may also give more insight as to why Nintendo decided to sue the “MariCar” real-life Mario Kart business recently despite the fact it has been operating for years.

As a life-long Nintendo fan I am really looking forward to this!  Hopefully the real life karts will allow guests to shoot turtle shells at other karts.

Though it will be a while before we find out.  The first “Super Nintendo World” location will be in Japan and that won’t open until about 2020 right around the time of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

It is likely that the other U.S. based locations probably won’t open for at least a year or two after that.  Oh well… Maybe Nintendo will drop some more info about it at E3 this year?  We’ll keep you posted.

For now you can see the full report from IGN by watching the video below.

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