New Need For Speed 2017 Teaser Images Hint At Game’s Location [UPDATE]

Since this morning, the Need For Speed twitter account has released two teaser images that have fans sleuthing and speculating as to what these images may mean.

We hired Batman to do some investigating for us and we have discovered a few interesting things.  Let’s go over some of the evidence shall we?

Exhibit A: Need For Speed tweet at 7:30am pacific time

This morning the Need For Speed twitter account tweeted this image.  At first glance it merely looks like clouds or perhaps tire smoke from a burn out.  However…


After our detective brought the image into his Bat-computer err Photoshop and turned down the brightness setting we get the image you see above which is clearly a city skyline.

Exhibit B: Need For Speed tweet at 11am pacific time

This is the second image tweeted so far (as of the writing of this post) and this tweet and image are clearly making reference to the Netflix show House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.  There may also be a clue in the image’s tag line “Let’s Even The Odds”.

Hmm…very curious indeed…

Now, keen eyed observers will notice that in the Photoshop’d cloud image there is a silhouette that looks strikingly similar to the famous “Space Needle” building.  Then, NFS tweets a second image which references a show that stars Kevin Spacey.

UPDATE 5/31/2017:


The Need For Speed twitter account just tweeted a new image today.  It is the same smokey image as yesterday though this time we can see that there is a R34 Nissan GT-R producing said smoke.


Some image enhancement shows that the GT-R in the picture has a California license plate, though the city skyline in the background doesn’t match any major Californian city. What could this mean?

For now we’re going to stick to our original theory of Seattle.  However it should be noted that currently Las Vegas is also a popular theory among fans.

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Based on this information we’ve come to two possible conclusions: the game will take place in Seattle, home of the Space Needle building, OR the game happens in outer space…

While space drifting sounds amazing, we’re going to lean towards Seattle at this time.

Though the day is young and there may be even more teaser images released after the writing of this post.  As such we’ll try to keep this updated.  If you’ve spotted any clues that we’ve missed let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype

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