Newest Cars 3 Trailer Is All About Lightning McQueen’s “Last Chance” (Video)

Early this morning the first full-length trailer for Cars 3 dropped and it seems to be confirming the more serious tone that this third film is believed to have.  The team at Pixar promised that Cars 3 would take the franchise back to its roots (which is racing) and that seems to be very evident in this latest trailer.

Cars 3 finds Lightning McQueen struggling with the idea that his racing days may be coming to an end as younger, faster race cars are making their mark.  His declining success may be putting his legacy at risk but he isn’t exactly ready to go gentle into that dark night of retirement.

This trailer brings the audience back to some old sights like Radiator Springs and also gives us a closer look at some of the new characters like “Cruz Ramirez” and “Mr. Sterling”.  This trailer also gives us a look at just how beautiful the visuals are going to be this time around.  Pixar really did take everything they learned from previous films and apply them here.  It’s weird to say this but the anthropomorphic cartoon-like cars actually look somewhat “realistic”!

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the trailer below

Cars 3 Official US Trailer:

[Image source: Disney Pixar]

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