Hype: 9 Lamborghini Huracans Were Destroyed During Doctor Strange Filming (Video)

In case you live under a rock, inside a cave, on another planet, you probably know by now that Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange is now available on Blu Ray and streaming.  To celebrate the home release, the film’s director Scott Derrickson took to Twitter for a Q&A session.  I decided to ask him about the fateful Lamborghini Huracan crash scene which ruins the lead character’s hands and acts as the catalyst for the hero’s journey.

If you’ve seen the movie (and if you haven’t, seriously you need to watch it) you know that the crash looked particularly brutal.  Though these days, artists can do incredible things with visual effects.  So we wanted to know just how many Huracans were actually harmed in the filming of that scene.

To my surprise Scott Derrickson actually responded to my question!  By his estimate, nine, yes nine Huracan’s were wrecked in one form or another.  Though as you can see in his tweet below he wishes he could have been able to rescue one for himself.

I can appreciate the director’s desire for realism but I think this is one instance where I would have much preferred they used copious amounts of CGI rather than wreck a small fleet of Lamborghinis!  Oh well.  I guess the saying is true that great art requires sacrifice…

If you want a quick behind the scenes look into how the crash scene was filmed, check out the video below.  Again if you haven’t seen Doctor Strange yet I would highly recommend picking it up on Blu Ray or streaming it because it is an awesome, mind-trippy, flick!  I also want to take the opportunity to thank Scott Derrickson for answering my question!

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