Hype: 2018 Dodge Demon: What We Know So Far (Video)

When Dodge first announced the 2018 Demon they kicked off a count-down that will culminate in the car’s debut at the New York Auto Show in April.  While we wait Dodge has been releasing short teaser videos of the Demon which provides clues as to what we can expect when the car is finally launched.  We’re about half way through the count-down to launch so we thought we would take a quick look at all of the teaser videos released up until this point and gather what we think we know about the 2018 Dodge Demon so far…

It is going to be lighter than the Hellcat

According to Dodge, the Demon is going to weigh 200lbs less than the Hellcat.  Considering the Hellcat weighs 4,500lbs we can expect the Demon to weigh about 4,300lbs.  We’re not sure how they lost the weight but we’re glad it did!

It’s definitely not going to be all wheel drive

When Dodge first announced the Demon we speculated that perhaps the car could be all-wheel-drive, especially since Dodge just produced an AWD Challenger in the new “GT” variant.  However, in the teaser video titled “Body” above, the Demon does a big nasty burn out with its rear wheels.  That isn’t really something that can be done in an AWD car.  A bit of a bummer but not really unexpected.

It’s going to come with a crate of gear

It is not uncommon for high-performance specialty vehicles to come with a few extra goodies when purchased but the Demon is taking things a bit further.  The Dodge Demon is coming to come with a crate of 18 items including tools and possibly an extra set of rear tires so that owners can personally swap out parts to get their Demon ready for track on the weekends and convert it back to a street car easily.  Each crate will also be personalized with the car’s VIN and the name of the owner.  Some of the items are seen in the video above.

It will be supercharged (duh)

Like the hellcat before it, the Dodge Demon will employ a healthy dose of forced induction to help it reach its currently unknown power number.  In the teaser video aptly titled “Forced Induction” we can see that the Demon will have a massive top mounted roots type blower which will be fed via a massive hood scoop which feeds into “air grabber” ducting to keep the car breathing deeply.

It will have custom branded Nitto Tires

Considering the potential power of the Dodge Demon, it is safe to say that it will take some serious tires to be able to take the abuse that the Demon will likely dole out.  From this video it looks like Dodge has teamed up with Nitto to create a set of special tires just for this car, complete with the Demon logo on the sidewalls.  We can also see the massive tire size of 315/40 which makes for a generous tire width and very meaty sidewalls which will definitely flex as can be seen in the video above.

It will have a “Drag Mode”

Big muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger aren’t exactly praised for their nimble-ness around a complicated race track (though they are a lot better at it than they were in the past), they’re best at charging hard in a straight line down a drag strip.  To help with such endeavors the Dodge Demon will have a “Drag Mode” which is an electronic software function that will work with the Demon’s suspension set up to optimize launches without sacrificing the overall ride quality or handling characteristics.  In “The Third Law” video we see the suspension set up in action.

More to come

While things overall remain vague, relatively speaking we know a significant amount about the Dodge Demon so far.  We know how much it will weigh, we know how it will get its power, and we know a little about its suspension set up and grip.  We even know about some of the extras we can expect.  Though we still don’t have horsepower numbers, an MSRP, a release date, or any of that other important stuff.  Though, as of the writing of this post there are still 8 more teaser videos to be released about the Dodge Demon so who knows what else could be revealed?  The next video is set to drop about 6 days from the time this post goes up so hopefully we will learn a few more tidbits from it.

To follow along with the teaser videos and see more images of the Dodge Demon head to IfYouKnowYouKnow.com.  You may even find some more hidden clues on the website that we missed in the videos.

Let us know what you are expecting from the Dodge Demon in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype!  To see all the official Dodge Demon images released so far, just click on the thumbnails below.

Dodge_Demon_Teaser_1 Dodge_Demon_Teaser_2 Dodge_Demon_Teaser_3 Dodge_Demon_Teaser_4 Dodge_Demon_Teaser_5 Dodge_Demon_Teaser_6

[Source: IfYouKnowYouKnow.com]

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