Hype Video: Unbox Therapy Fills A Mercedes Benz With Balls

Remember that game back in grade school when the teacher would fill a glass jar with jellybeans and whoever guessed how many jellybeans were in the jar got to keep it?  I hated that damn game, I never freakin’ won!  Anyway, the guys at Unbox Therapy are playing the same game but on a much larger scale.  In their latest unboxing video, they actually are detailing a service called “Car2Go” which is a car sharing service that allows users to rent a car for just a few hours or days and when they are done with the car they can pretty much just park it somewhere (as long as its within a designated zone) put the keys in the glove box, get out of the car and walk away.   It sounds like a pretty cool service and it is actually available in some parts of the country but its not nationwide yet.

Anyway, the interesting part of the video comes towards the end.  Cars2Go sent Unbox Therapy two Mercedes: a CLA and a GLA.  Lew and his team fill the CLA sedan with plastic balls from your classic ball pit and they task their viewers with guessing how many of said balls fit in the CLA’s interior.  Whoever guesses exactly right will win $1,000 in Car2Go credit.  I personally do not have an interest in playing the game since Car2Go isn’t in my neck of the woods yet but if its in yours I would recommend giving it a shot.

You can watch the video below but to make an official guess you have to go to the video’s YouTube page and leave your guess in the comments section.  If nothing else, its pretty funny to see a luxury car filled with plastic balls.  Check it out below!

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