Hype: Could This Be What The Next Honda S2000 Looks Like? Car And Driver Thinks So.

When I was younger, the Honda S2000 was my dream car.  I followed its development from its concept form (SSM) to production when it was released in 1999.  It was Honda’s first RWD car in a long time and it was also the debut of Honda’s crazy 9500RPM F20 engine.  While my tastes have changed a bit since then, the S2000 remains a favorite of mine.  Having said that, news that Honda may bring the roadster back is definitely something I am interested in.  Though, as of now that “news” is still technically just rumor.  However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating; including Car & Driver who went as far as to create their own rendering of what they think the next S2000 could look like and my god it looks amazing!

Beyond the rendering Car & Driver speculates about possible drivetrains.  According to them there were plans to power the roadster with the same 2.0 turbo engine that will be in the next Civic Type R, however those plans were scrapped.  The latest suggestion is that the next S2000 may employ some type of “two-stage electric boosting system”.   Though it is really anyone’s guess.

If you want to venture further into that wonderful place called “Speculation-ville” then I highly recommend you check out Car & Driver’s article!  For a closer look at Car & Driver’s rendering just click the thumbnail below.


[Source: CarAndDriver.com]

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