Hype: Ford Reveals The Order Kit Owners Will Use To Spec Their Ford GT (Video)

Getting the new Ford GT is a pretty involved process.  Prospective buyers had to fill out a special application which was meant to pretty much convince Ford why they should be allowed to buy the new super car.  Rumor has it, Ford wasn’t easily convinced either as many photos of rejection letters made their way to the internet.  However, for those lucky few who did get approved for a Ford GT, they are now approaching the time to finally spec out their cars to their liking.

To aid in the process Ford has created an extremely baller experience by sending out physical “Order Kits”.  The kit comes in a large box made out of the same Carbon Fiber as the Ford GT and sealed with the exact same type of clip used to secure the body work on the Ford GT race car.

Inside the kit are paint samples of every color available on small Ford GT shaped pieces.  There are even small stripes in each color so that owners can pick their color and racing stripe.  There are also small scale models of each wheel type (with brake calipers) so that owners can spec out the wheel and brake caliper color they want as well.  Finally there are fabric and material swatches that represent all the different interior combinations.

When a future Ford GT owner gets this order kit they will be walked through the spec process by a specifically appointed Ford GT concierge.  After all the selections are made and the order is submitted a replica VIN plate will be produced and sent to the owner to be attached to their owner kit box.

It all sounds like a pretty baller experience if you ask me.  This order kit would make one heck of a collectable but obviously only those who have ordered a Ford GT will get one.  Anyone else who wants one will have to try and convince one of the lucky owners to sell it to them.  …Good luck with that.

GT Order Kit GT Order Kit GT Order Kit GT Order Kit GT Order Kit GT Order Kit

For a closer look at the Ford GT Order Kit, click the thumbnails above for pictures or check out the videos below.  One video is a Ford GT concierge walking the audience through the process and the other video is a bit more fun.  Since Ford has a relationship with the Forza Motorsport guys, they sent an Order Kit to Turn 10 Studios and the team decided to make an unboxing video for it.  Check it all out below.

Ford GT Concierge Video:

Turn 10 Studios Ford GT Order Kit Unboxing:

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