Hype: Up Close With Mazda’s New RT24-P Race Car (Video)

Generally speaking, when I see a good looking race car its because I can see all of the function in its design.  Its rare that a race car can make the crossover from something that is only functionally beautiful into something that looks like genuine sculpture.  Mazda seems to have pulled it off with their new race car.  The RT24-P is the first collaboration between Mazda’s Motorsport engineering group and their production design group.  Thanks to new 2017 IMSA rules, race teams are allowed to make their race cars look more like the production cars that they sell in dealerships.  This presented a rare opportunity for Mazda to show off their “KODO” design language.  The result is incredibly beautiful machine that makes me forget about the fabled, deceased Furai.

The LA Auto Show was the RT24-P’s world debut and my first chance to get up close to it.  You can get a better look at it for yourself by watching the video below or checking out the photos shot by Rex Torres in the gallery above.

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