Holiday Hype: 5 Gifts For The Car Enthusiast In Your Life BALLER EDITION!

Did your start-up actually do well this year?  Did you make a few smart stock decisions?  Is your last name Kardashian?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then this last gift guide is for you.  As you can tell by the title this post is all about gift ideas for car fanatics when money is no object.  Once again there are 5 items here and we’re going to go in order from least expensive to most expensive.  If you’re actually baller enough to buy any of the things you see below then just click on their titles, images, or where it says click “HERE” in the description to be taken straight to the purchase website for that item.  Ok, with that out of the way let’s ball out!

911 Turbo vs 911 GT3 Porsche Driving Experience $950


Porsche just opened up their brand new Porsche Experience Center (PEC) here in Los Angeles but they also have one in Atlanta, Georgia.  The PEC is basically a theme park for any Porsche lover or lover of sports cars in general as it has its own massive race track, driving simulators, museum, and all manner of cool stuff.  However, the best thing to do is book one of their driving experiences which will put you behind the wheel of a Porsche on their private track.  The most expensive experience available at the PEC in Los Angeles is the 911 Turbo vs 911 GT3 experience.  The goal is to learn the nuances between the two 911s  under various driving conditions and let the driver decide which one they like better.  The entire experience is 1.5 hours and can be booked for $950.  Also, I understand that there are only two PECs in the country and there is a good chance that neither of them are near you.  However, if you’re ok with spending this kind of coin on 90 minutes of driving then buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel shouldn’t be a big deal!  Anyway, you can book the 911 Turbo vs 911 GT3 experience at PEC LA by clicking HERE.

Playseat Sensation PRO $2,499.99


Full disclosure: Playseat is a promotional partner of  OK, now that’s out of the way lets talk about this awesome set up.  You may have seen some of our Playseat reviews in the past featuring the Evolution and Revolution set ups.  However, the Sensation is Playseat’s “Elite” level rig made for serious sim racers.  It has a powder-coated full steel frame with a WRC style racing seat.  The frame is adjustable for people of different sizes and it can support a TV screen up to 55 inches (TV not included).  Its compatible with wheels and pedals from Logitech, Fanatic, Mad Catz, and Thrustmaster (wheels and pedals also not included).  The Sensation PRO rig can be had for $2,499.99 at the Playseat online store by clicking HERE.

Ferrari SF16-H 1:1 Scale Replica Steering Wheel by Amalgam $3,120


A real F1 steering wheel easily costs 5 digits and typically can’t even be bought by anyone outside the team.  That is why this gift is really kind of a bargain as well as a must-have for any one who is a massive fan of F1 and/or the Scuderia Ferrari team.  This is a 1:1 scale replica of the steering wheel from the Ferrari SF16-H which is the race car that both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen drove for the 2016 F1 season.  It was crafted using actual CAD data straight from the Scuderia Ferrari team and is 100% accurate to the real thing minus all the important electronics inside.  Compared to the real thing, this replica is a steal at just $3,120!  You can buy it at the Amalgam online store by clicking HERE.

Lamborghini Esavox Carbon Fiber Docking Station Speaker $24,000


We’re getting into rap star baller level with this gift.  The Lamborghini Esavox docking station is hand built by Lamborghini techs out of carbon fiber and using parts from a real Lamborghini exhaust.  I’m not sure if any sound comes out of the exhaust pipes or if its relegated strictly to the massive speakers but considering that this thing boasts 800watts it should sound good regardless.  This Italian boombox goes for $24,000 which is pretty incredible considering it is physically the smallest item on this list yet the second most expensive!  If you have the cash you can buy this thing by clicking HERE.

Hammacher Schlemmer 1959 Corvette Billiards Table $25,000


Here it is, the most expensive, baller, item on our list!  This is a full-sized billiards table modeled after a 1959 Corvette.  Its hand-built in the U.S. features real chrome, full sized white wall tires, working headlights, and is painted in the same “Roman Red/Snowcrest White” paint combination from ’59.  By the way, the paint used is real automotive paint and the table is even painted and finished in an actual autobody shop.  The table itself is tournament sized (4 1/2′ x 9′) and has a felt-covered 1 inch thick slate top.  This thing weighs 1,200lbs and costs $25,000 which is amazing because its only $1,000 more than that crazy Lamborghini boombox!  If you want to get this pool table for a loved one’s car cave you can buy it by clicking HERE.

Well, that is it for our list. We may or may not do one more “last minute shoppers” edition but we think we covered most of the bases with what we’ve showed you.  Also, remember that its really not about the gift itself or how much you spend on it, its the thought that counts.  As cheesy as that might sound we really mean it!  We hope you enjoy the holiday season with your friends and loved ones!

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