Holiday Hype: 5 Gifts Under $200 For The Car Enthusiast In Your Life

Holiday shopping season isn’t over yet and we’re back to help you find a gift for that special gear head in your life.  In the last post we showed you 5 gifts under $50 that most car fiends would love.  In this post we are taking things up a few notches and showing you 5 gifts under $200 just in case you have some Christmas bonus money burning a hole in your wallet.  If you see anything you like on the list you can go straight to the purchase website for it by clicking on its name in the red text, its picture, or where it says click “HERE” in the product description.  Also, just like last time we are going in order from least expensive to most expensive.  Alright, let’s get started!

Boosted Shades Carbon Fiber Polarized Sunglasses $120


A good pair of driving glasses is a must have for anyone who enjoys, well, driving.  Either on track or on the freeway trying to get home, nothing sucks more than your retinas being attacked by direct sunlight, obscuring your view.  So, if you’re going to protect your eyes why not do it with some added style?  Boosted Shades specializes in producing polarized sunglasses made out of 100% genuine carbon fiber.  That means besides being lightweight, they should be pretty strong as well which will be helpful if they ever accidentally get dropped.  They also have a ton of different styles and offer glasses in other materials like wood and titanium.  You can pick up the pair pictured here for $120 by clicking HERE.

Porsche Martini Racing Computer Mouse $129.00


Alright, admittedly its hard to argue the practicality of this particular item; but hey this is a gift so practicality be dammed!  This mouse is shaped like a Porsche 911 which also happens to be a great form factor for your hands.  Though the real draw here is its Martini Racing theme complete with the iconic light blue and red stripe design.  Even the scroll wheel matches the livery!  Oh, and this mouse is also wireless which means it will look extra sweet on a computer desk.  It can be had for $129.00 by clicking HERE.

Dsalni Drawn Illustration Commission $150.00


For enthusiasts, cars are art.  That’s why we enjoy looking at them so much.  We also get an extra kick out of looking at automotive based traditional art, which is why a custom commission from “Dsalni” would be amazing!  By buying a commission, famed artist Dsalni will create a custom side-view illustration for you!  Though, I would say if you want it before Christmas you should act now as he might be backed up with orders!  You can order a commission for $150 by clicking HERE.

Craftsman 254 Piece Mechanics Tool Set $161.99


Most gearheads do at least some work on their own cars.  As a bit of a driveway mechanic myself I can tell you that having the right tools for the job your doing is a big deal.  It really sucks to be in the middle of a repair with parts everywhere only have to stop and make a run to the hardware store because you are missing a tool you need.  This 254 piece Craftsman mechanics tool set doesn’t have everything a mechanic would need but it definitely has a lot, including those awesome new ratcheting wrenches!  You can pick up this tool set from Sears right now for $161.99 by clicking HERE.

Thrustmaster TMX Wheel For Xbox One/PC & Thrustmaster T150Rs Wheel For PS4/PS3/PC $199.99 each.


The last item on this list is for all the console and PC racers out there.  Thrustmaster has a set of racing wheel peripherals that won’t break the bank but still have pretty good quality.  The TMX model is for Xbox One/PC while the T150 Rs model is for PS4/PS3/PC.  Besides their compatibility both wheels are very similar the only other exception is that the T150Rs has 1080 degrees of rotation while the TMX model has 900 degrees.  Though, that small difference won’t really be an issue for most console racers.  The wheels go for $199.99 each and the TMX model can be had by clicking HERE.  While the T150Rs can be had by clicking HERE.

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