Hype: We Preview Forza Horizon 3 And Interview Game Director Ralph Fulton (Video) [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Our gameplay impressions plus some new details given to us straight from game director Ralph Fulton are now live!  We’ve added it to the videos below!

You may notice that our first post today is going up a bit earlier than usual, that is because as of 6am pacific time we are officially allowed to tell you about an awesome Forza Horizon 3 preview event we attended!

A few weeks ago Microsoft invited us out to a slightly secret lounge space in Venice, CA to play a near finished build of Forza Horizon 3.  Since we, were totally fine with spending an afternoon in Venice playing Forza before everyone else, we graciously accepted the invitation.  While at the event we got to sit in on a short presentation from Ralph Fulton of Playground Games (the dev team behind Forza Horizon) in which he covered a few new bits of information that he couldn’t talk about at E3.  We will go over all that new information as well as our own gameplay impressions in a video coming out later today.  Right now we have a few treats for you.

First, we landed an exclusive interview with Ralph.  Oh, and when I say “exclusive interview” I mean we trapped him in a corner and forced him to answer questions from the ForzaMotorsport.net forums.  Second, at the event we were allowed to capture our own gameplay footage so in addition to our interrogation of poor Ralph, we have 5 direct capture gameplay videos for you!  You can watch all of it below!  Also don’t forget that later today we will drop another video covering some new info as well as give our gameplay impressions of a more completed build of Forza Horizon 3!

Well, what are you waiting for? Put those eyeballs to work on the videos below!  If you have any questions, comments, and/or opinions share them in the comments below as well!

Gameplay Impressions And New Details:

Ralph Fulton Interview:

Forza Horizon 3 Intro With Gameplay:

“Off The Chain” Race:

Lamborghini Cententario vs LaFerrari:

Ocean View Trail Race (Night):

Headland Circuit Race (Rain):

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