Hype: Hot Wheels Built A Star Wars X-Wing Open Wheel Car Because AWESOME!!! (Video)

Is there anything cooler than an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars?  Probably not, but an open wheel car made to look like an X-Wing is pretty darn close!  San Diego Comic-Con is going on right now and in an effort to get a nice big chunk of attention Hot Wheels has designed and built a life-sized X-Wing “CarShip” and brought it to the massive convention.  Unfortunately, we aren’t there to get some close ups but Hot Wheels did release two videos of this amazing build for everyone to enjoy.

The X-Wing CarShip has a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and the car as a whole weighs just under 1000lbs which means its probably pretty quick, not “hyperspace” fast but close enough.  It is also equipped with blasters and laser cannons made from actual airplane parts!  The only not-awesome thing about this is that it can’t be bought in its life-sized form.  Though Hot Wheels will begin selling 1:64 scale versions of this and other ships as part of its new “CarShips” line.  Yes, I will be buying them all!  Anyway enough talk.  Check out the X-Wing CarShip in action below followed by another video highlighting the build process.

X-Wing Fighter CarShip:

X-Wing Fighter CarShip Build:

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