Hype: 5 Major Details We Noticed In The Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay Trailer (Video)

Literally just moments ago PlayStation released the first official gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo Sport, the first game in the series to be released on PlayStation 4.  By the way, the release date has been announced for November 15th in USA, Asia, and Japan, November 16th for Europe, and November 18th for the UK & Ireland.  For more details about the release and pre-order exclusives check out our earlier post.

Here is the official trailer again in case you missed it:

OK, back on topic.  Now, while the trailer is nearly 4 minutes long its not all gameplay but it is completely comprised of footage captured from a PlayStation 4 console.  I’ve watched the trailer more than a few times now so I wanted to go over 5 things that really stood out to me while watching it.

1. This game is beautiful!


The first thing that is going to slap you in the face when watching this trailer is just how realistic and beautiful it looks!  When talking about video game graphics people throw around the term “photo real” but there is no hyperbole here.  I found myself internally debating if the developers cut in live action footage into the trailer.  It looks that good!

2. New “Tokyo Expressway” Track


Its just not “Gran Turismo” if there isn’t a city-scape track in it right?  The marquee city track in Gran Turismo Sport will be “Tokyo Expressway” which takes place in, well, Tokyo.  What stood out to me about this was more about the surroundings rather than the course itself.  Its dense with highly detailed skyscrapers reflecting sunlight from their glass exteriors continuing to show off the PlayStation 4’s processing muscle.

3. That Photo Mode Though!


Actually the photo mode in Gran Turismo Sport has been renamed to “Scapes” and it is not playing around!  Scapes aims to be the most full featured photo mode offered in any console racing game.  When designing the Scapes mode the developers had a “travel” theme in mind.  Which is probably why there are 1,000 locations that can be chosen in Scapes mode.  Also, players are able to bring in just about any car from the game and stage the cars the way they want!  Lighting can be adjusted as well as several other photo variables.  It can also output final photos in 4k resolution.

4. GT Sport Live


Gran Turismo 6 and now Gran Turismo Sport are the only console racing games sanctioned by the FIA.  Yes, the same FIA that sanctions Formula 1, WRC, Moto GP and pretty much every major international racing series.  Polyphony Digital is using that plus the rapid growth of eSports to their advantage.  GT Sport Live mode presents Gran Turismo Sport online racing as live broadcasted major sporting event.  Players can watch the top racers compete live in a television-style format complete with cameras and live commentary.

5. Livery Editor


Gran Turismo is borrowing a major page from the Forza Motorsport franchise as well as addressing the wants of their fans by including what looks to be a pretty full featured livery editor in Gran Turismo Sport.  While only a quick glimpse of the editor is shown in the trailer its enough to demonstrate that the developers are taking it seriously.  There appears to be quite a bit of official logos to choose from as well as some primitive shapes.  I am hoping to get a better look at this feature at E3 next month.

Those are the 5 things that stood out the most to us when we watched the Gran Turismo Sport trailer…several times.  What stood out to you in the trailer?  Was there anything that you wanted to see in the trailer that wasn’t there?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

For more info on Gran Turismo Sport visit the official website.

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