Hype: New Mobile Game Thumb Drift Is Awesome But Incredibly Difficult (Video)

We love a good mobile game, especially one that is car-themed.  In fact we even made one but we also love games that aren’t made by us too.  We recently caught wind of a game from SMG Studios called “Thumb Drift”.  The game is pretty self-explanatory as players literally use their thumb by gliding it across their smart phone’s touch screen to control a car that is basically in constant drift.  There are several goals for each level such as making it a certain distance or collecting a certain amount of coins in a single run.  The art style is bright and kind of cartoony but in a cool way as the cars are slightly boxy but its easy to tell what they are.

Speaking of the cars, one of the funnier things about Thumb Drift is that it appears that the developers didn’t quite have the cash to pay for licensing from official car manufacturers.  Instead they created cars that look similar to a particular real life counter part and gave it a hilarious name.  For example players will start off with the “Subzero Wreckx” wink, wink.

Funny names aside, my favorite thing about Thumb Drift is that its easy to figure out how to play but its pretty tricky to control the cars and keep them on the road.  The developers realize this and give players a training course to start out with before they jump into the game.  The training course requires players to stay on the “road” for 10 seconds and I’ll tell you right now its not as easy as it sounds.

You are going to crash a lot in this game but it never gets too frustrating.  The more you play the better you’ll get.  Its available right now for free on iOS and Android and if you want to see how it looks in action check out the trailer below.

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