Hype App: Top Gear Challenges You To Race The Stig Across New York In New Mobile Game


Mobile games serve an amazing purpose.  They give us something to do during awkward silences at gatherings, provide a distraction during long lines, and furnish entertainment while we sit on “the throne”.  The icing on the mobile game cake is when the game is actually themed off something we really like.  This is why the announcement the new Top Gear mobile game “Race The Stig: New York” is so awesome.  Its a racing game, its Top Gear, and it has the Stig!  What more could someone want?!

“Top Gear Race The Stig: New York” is pretty much what its title suggests.  It pits players against the Stig in an “endless runner” style game across New York.  Players can select from several “Top Gear vehicles” like the “Reliant Robin Rocket” or the “indestructible truck”.  The game is available now on pretty much all mobile platforms: iOS, Android (including Amazon devices), even Windows Phone!  Its also free and catching on fast.  It just came out yesterday and it already has over a million downloads just from Google Play!  Download this game now and thank us the next time you are sitting on the john.

[Source: BBC]

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