Gaming Hype: I Played Ubisoft’s Next-Gen Driving Game “The Crew”! This is what I thought… (Video)


While Microsoft and Sony have their racing games, other studios have been making what I like to call “driving games”.  Simply put the difference between a “racing game” and a “driving game” is that a racing game is about competitive racing and little else.  A driving game is a game that might have a narrative story that has driving and cars as its core mechanic.  For example Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo are both racing games while Forza Horizon and Need For Speed are driving games.  See the difference?

I personally like both types of games but when it comes to driving games Need For Speed is one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, EA is taking a break in 2014 to put more time into the next Need For Speed game which means we aren’t getting one this year.  Bummer right?  Well, maybe not!  Ubisoft is looking to fill the Need For Speed-sized hole in our hearts with their new open world driving game “The Crew” specifically designed for the now “current gen” consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

I had a chance to play it for a while at E3 this year and I have to say I was… Well, just watch the video below for my initial thoughts.  I filmed this just moments after playing!

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