Gaming Hype: #DRIVECLUB Release Date Announced (With Video)


#DRIVECLUB was one of the most anticipated games announced for the PlayStation 4 before its launch.  You may remember that I did an interview with the game’s director last  year at E3.  However, since then things have gotten a bit rocky at Evolution Studios, the team behind #DRIVECLUB.  First it was announced that the game would be delayed, and then the very director I interviewed left the team to pursue other projects.  For a moment it looked as if #DRIVECLUB was going to turn into vaporware.  Alas, no!  Today a release date has been announced and #DRIVECLUB  will be available on PlayStation 4 on October 7th, 2014!  To celebrate, a new announce trailer was released which you can watch below.  However, the question remains: will #DRIVECLUB still live up to its initial promise and be as good as we hope it will be?  Hopefully we will get a chance to review the game and let you know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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