Hype: 3D Printed Car To Cross United States With 10 Gallons Of Fuel


Remember a while back when I told you about that rag tag group of Canadians that built a car with a body that was almost entirely 3D printed?  Well that same group of plucky Canucks are bringing their printed car (named the UrBee) to the states with an ambitious challenge in mind.  They plan to drive the UrBee from New York to San Francisco with only 10 gallons of fuel…and a dog!

Cody and Tyler Kor twenty-something brothers and son of the UrBee’s inventor Jim Kor will be going on the epic trek across the nation.  How are they planning to do that you ask?  Well the UrBee is an electric vehicle with a range extending electric power train (supported by an ethanol fueled combustion engine) and due to its lightweight body parts and chassis should be able to extract some serious MPG numbers.  Although for now this is still all just an idea.  There is still another 2 years or so before the UrBee 2 is ready to make its cross country voyage.  However, if the team pulls this off it could be a total game changer.  Here’s hoping they make it!

[Source: Popular Mechanics via Yahoo.com]

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