SEMA 2013: Mazda Releases Mazda3 & Mazda6 SEMA Renderings & Nothing Else

Mazda 3 SEMA Concept_small

As I mentioned yesterday we are in the midst of the SEMA 2013 “preview season” and today I have an OEM preview from Mazda.  Looks like Mazda is bringing four cars to SEMA this year: 2 Mazda3’s and 2 Mazda6’s.  Recently Mazda released the renderings for their quartet but they didn’t disclose any other information.  Seriously, no press release or anything just pictures.  This leaves us to make guesses based off the pictures, which also don’t reveal very much except for the fact that one of the Mazda6’s will be powered by a diesel engine as indicated by the “CS6 Diesel” insignia on the side.

Mazda  6 SEMA Concept_1 Mazda 6 SEMA Concept_2 Mazda 3 SEMA Concept_3 Mazda 3 SEMA Concept_4

Lack of information aside all the concepts look pretty sweet but I am super curious as to what they are all about.  Looks like we will all have to wait until SEMA to find out!

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