Gaming Hype: Forza 5 Explains What It Means To Be A Hypercar As Narrated By Jeremy Clarkson


A lot has changed in the evolution of automotive performance.  At one point cars became so fast that they began designing them for the pure intention of sport, hence the term “sportscar”.  Then cars became so fast that “sports” was no longer enough to encompass all that they were capable of; thus the term “Supercar” was born.  These days a Supercar is merely the “mild” sauce when it comes to performance and for those who want things really spicy there are “Hypercars”.

But what exactly is a “Hyper” car? How is it beyond “sports” and “super”?  In the video below, Turn 10 Studios along with resident Top Gear UK misanthrope Jeremy Clarkson provide their take with beautiful Forza Motorsport 5 footage as a backdrop.

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