Wheel Wednesday: Barramundi Design “Eleven” AKA The New Hotness

Happy Wheel Wednesday!  This week’s wheel is the coveted “Eleven” from Barramundi Design.  I picked this wheel because it has been spreading like wildfire at all the local shows and meets out here, especially with the Honda heads!  Despite their funny name Barramundi wheels are quality stuff.  All of Barramundi’s wheels are billet, forged pieces and typically multi-piece.  I picked the “Eleven” for Wheel Wednesday because I have seen them a lot lately on Integras and they have always looked incredibly fresh!  If you pushing a DA or DC then this might be the wheel to get.

If you are already looking to pick up a set you can get the “Eleven” from JHPUSA.com for about $2,900.  Not cheap I know, but quality never is!

[Source: JHPUSA.com]

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