Formula Drift Hype: Chris Forsberg Wins Round 5 “Throwdown” In Seattle

Ah, Formula Drift…  It seems that no matter how one-sided things might seem at the beginning of the season, there always seems to be some crazy round that totally mixes up the championship points battle.  Enter round 5 at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle, Washington.

The first shocker was Daigo “The Ninja” Saito losing in the “Top 32” to Toshiki Yoshioka.  If that didn’t blow a big enough hole in the point race, later on Vaughn Gittin Jr. lost to Odi Bakchis in an epic battle.  Then Darren McNamara fell to Mike Essa!

All of these instances, paired with great driving allowed points contender Chris Forsberg to get a win and become points leader.  Mike Essa took second place after falling to Forsberg and Fredric Aasbo defeated Odi Bakchis to capture third.

Now Chris Forsberg carries a 1.5 point lead over Mike Essa who himself is only 1.5 points ahead of Daigo Saito.  From that point on the points gap gets much bigger.  However, the next round of competition will be in Texas, a familiar location but a whole new track that none of the drivers are used to.  It should be exciting to see how that will shake up the fight!

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