Gaming Hype: Things I Want To Be In Forza Motorsport 5

We know for sure now that a new Xbox is on the horizon and that Forza Motorsport 5 will be a launch title.  As of yet the only thing we know about the next Forza game is that it will feature the McLaren P1 as the cover car and that both the P1 and McLaren F1 will be usable cars in the game.  Anything beyond that is a mystery!  It should be called “Forza Motorsport ?”

It is probably safe to say that all the best parts from all the previous Forza games (including Horizon) will find their way into Forza Motorsport 5 but technically the page is still blank.  So, I thought I would list off a few things that I want to see (and some things I don’t) in Forza Motorsport 5.

Adjustable and variable weather conditions


This is something that fans have wanted for a long time.  The team at Turn 10 Studios has put so much thought into their physics system that it seems a shame that players have not been able to experience those physics in rainy conditions.  Snow would be pretty cool too! No pun intended..

Updated upgrades

One of the main selling points for Forza is the plethora of upgrades players can make to their cars.  Not just in performance but aesthetically as well with body kits, wheels, and etc.  The problem is that when it comes to body kits and wheels, the choices have not been upgraded much since Forza Motorsport 2.  Some of the timeless body kits and wheels remain but there is some serious out-dated offerings still on the list.   Also with new cars in the mix like the Scion FR-S it would be cool to see the Rocket Bunny kit make its video game debut.

Bottom line is that the Forza series is in desperate need of new body kits and wheels!  P.S. It would be great if they can make the “Forza” branded body kits in the game more than just a carbon fiber front splitter.

More paintable surfaces


Painting in Forza has always been a big deal.  In fact there are very talented Forza painters out there making real money.  While some of the limitations in the paint system have lent themselves to some serious creative solutions by painters, I would still like to see more car surfaces become paintable.

Open wheel cars

This is a tricky one.  Forza has established a great relationship with the American LeMans series and has included most of the top teams from that series.  With the ALMS/Rolex merger I am sure we will see some cool DP cars in Forza 5 as well but I would love to see some open wheel cars.  However when most people think open wheel they think “F1” but that license is all locked up over at Codemasters.  Personally I would like to see Forza establish a relationship with Indy Car.  There hasn’t been a proper Indy Car game in ages and Turn 10 is just the right team to do it justice.

More real life courses

(Photo: Long Beach Press Telegram)

To follow up with the course designer I think I would be nice to see more real courses in Forza Motorsport 5.  I would love to see tracks like the Ascari road course, the Long Beach Grand Prix street circuit, and other scenic street courses like Monaco.  Additionally I would love to see real life recreations of Formula Drift’s most popular courses in the game as well like Irwindale Speedway and the drift-specific section of Road Atlanta.


I know this is a touchy subject in Forza-land but I really hope that Microsoft came to some kind of agreement with Electronic Arts to allow Turn 10 studios to use Porsche in Forza Motorsport 5.  Porsche should and needs to be apart of the Forza world, especially with the 918 Spyder on the horizon.

What I don’t want to see

There is really only one thing I don’t want to see in the next Forza Motorsport game and that’s an “always online” requirement.  The Xbox One console itself is facing a lot of flak from gamers due to fears of the system requiring an internet connection to function.  While Microsoft has dispelled that rumor (vaguely), a rep did say that they “hope” developers adopt always online requirements for their games.  Although with Turn 10 Studios being a part of the bigger Microsoft Studios its very likely that “always online” will be a part of the next Forza.  That would be a real shame because Forza is so much more than just racing online, so to force an internet connection could really hinder the experience.  Especially for those out there like me who rarely use the online functions of Forza in the first place.

If being online is a requirement for Forza Motorsport 5 then I just hope there will be a damn good reason beyond a push from the higher ups.

Well I think that does it for my wish list.  I would be pretty happy if even one of these things will be a part of the next Forza.  Although, the guys at Turn 10 have yet to steer us wrong so even if none of the things on my list make it into the game I am still pretty confident Forza Motorsport 5 will be a top notch experience.  I will find out for sure when I get my hands on it at E3 next week.  Stay tuned to MotorworldHype for updates!

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