Gaming Hype: I Play DRIVECLUB For Playstation 4 Then Interview Its Director Col Rodgers

This year’s E3 was a big one for fans of racing games.  With the announcement of two new consoles (Xbox One and Playstation 4) came word of new racing games to take fans into the next generation.  On the Microsoft side the world was introduced to Forza Motorsport 5.  Sony fans were expecting a Gran Turismo for Playstation 4 but instead the new GT came to PS3.  If there is no GT for PS4 (yet) then what did racing game fans on Sony’s team have to look forward to?

The answer: DRIVECLUB

DRIVECLUB shocked many when it was first introduced to gamers at the Playstation 4 announcement back in February.  Not much was known about the game other than it would be the first racing title for the PS4, it wasn’t Gran Turismo, and people behind it, Evolution Studios have waited 10 years for technology to catch up so they could make it.  Beyond that came a very short teaser trailer that showed off beautiful visuals and lots of cars but also left us with more questions than answers.

Luckily while at E3 last week not only did I get a chance to play DRIVECLUB I was also fortunate enough to interview the director of the game, Col Rodgers.  To find out what DRIVECLUB is all about straight from the man himself scroll down for my interview and then below that you can catch my personal impression of the game after I had a few moments with it.

Interview with Col Rodgers:

My Gameplay impressions:

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