E3 2013: Need For Speed: Rivals Official Trailer And Gameplay (Video)

Yesterday was pretty busy day for anyone who loves video games, especially racing games.  Just a few short hours after I left the Microsoft Xbox Conference I had to hot foot it to the other side of the block for the EA Games event.  The near cardiac episode was worth it though as EA debuted the official trailer, and game play footage from Need For Speed: Rivals.  Besides the stunning visuals, the ability for friends to jump in and out of a single player game seamlessly looks pretty awesome.  Check out the trailer and gameplay video below and then stay tuned for my impressions after I get my hands on the game later today.

Official Trailer:

Gameplay Video:

BOUNUS: EA has also decided to release a short “behind the scenes” feature of the upcoming Need For Speed movie, which I am admittedly less excited about than the games but take a look and come to your own conclusions!

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