Gaming Hype: Codemasters Releases GRID2 “LiveRoutes” Trailer (Video)

Like many drivers, when I am going to a place I have never been before I rely on a GPS to make sure I don’t get lost.  Most of the time it works out just fine.  However, my GPS is pretty old so sometimes it likes to play a game called “update the directions at the last possible freakin’ second” in which a left turn suddenly becomes a right turn and I completely pass where I am supposed to go or I do something stupid and try to make the next turn with less than 20 feet to do it in.  Let me tell you, in real life that is not fun!

Yet, it looks like the brains at Codemasters took a page from my old and busted GPS by turning that malfunction into a game mode for GRID2 called “LiveRoutes”.  How does it work?  Pretty much the same way my crappy GPS does only without the risk of getting lost or actual bodily harm.  Imagine racing through the streets of Paris at triple digit speeds but not knowing where to go next; relying on a GPS to tell you!  Still hard to picture?  Just watch the new trailer below to see it in practice.  It looks a lot more entertaining in a game than it is in real life!

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