Hype Video: “A Best Friend’s Story” By Steve Ketner/Clashproduction Shows Relationship With Man & His MX-5

If you are reading this then I think it might be safe to assume that like me, you are passionate about cars, a “gearhead” as most would say.  If that’s true then you probably know what its like to try to explain your passion to a non-gearhead.  They find it hard to understand how someone can be fixated on what they think is just a machine.  They might even think you’re a bit crazy.

The truth is only a gearhead can really understand another gearhead.  That sentiment is captured in a beautifully poignant way in the film piece below by Steve Ketner (presented by Clash Production) called “A Best Friend’s Story”.  Despite being only two minutes long we learn chapters about when a man’s passion for cars began, and how he defines his relationship with his beloved Mazda MX-5.

I invite you to watch below:

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