Hype Video: Indy Car Driver J.R. Hildebrand Jumps Into Tyler McQuarrie’s Formula Drift GoPro Camaro (Video)

Tyler McQuarrie is not just a Formula Drift driver, he is also the owner of his team.   When you own a motorsport team you pretty much get to do whatever the heck you want.  In this case Tyler decided he wanted to let his friend Indy Car driver (and fellow GoPro athelete) J.R. Hildebrand take a few laps in his snarling beast of a Camaro.  How does J.R. do?  Could this be a new career path for the young open wheel driver?  Probably not.  But the driver does know how to go sideways.  You can watch it all for yourself in the video below.  Fun fact: all the footage you will see was shot with GoPro HERO3’s

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