Hype: GoPro Releases Impossibly Small, Light HERO3 Camera (With Video)

Over the last 3 years or so GoPro has pretty much defined the “action camera” market.  Their products made it easy for extreme athletes and racers alike capture all of their exploits in an easy, relatively inexpensive way.  It started with the original GoPro HERO, and then we had the HERO2 with better resolution and microphone jack.  Last night GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announced the HERO3 camera.  The HERO3 is GoPro’s lightest, smallest camera to date and despite its reduced size the new HERO now has built-in WiFi capability. 

The new HERO3 also comes in three versions: the “White” edition, the “Silver” edition, and finally the flaghship “Black” edition.  The White edition is the lowest price point of the three at $199.  The white can shoot video 1080p, and take 3 shot per second bursts of 5 mega-pixel photos.  It is also compatible with the WiFi remote and the new GoPro mobile app.  The Silver edition picks up where the white left off and in addition to shooting 1080p video it can also shoot 960p video at 48 frames per second, which when edited down to 24 frames per second will probably look pretty darn good.  The silver also has a stronger photo burst mode with a 10 shot per second rate with each picture being 11 mega-pixels.  On the silver, the extra capability will cost you an extra bill, bringing the total to $299.

The Black edition is the most expensive at $399 but it also has the best features.  First, the black edition can shoot video at 4k resolution.  Just to give you some perspective on how cool that is, professional Hollywood cinema cameras shoot at 4k resolution.  There is a drawback though as the black edition can only shoot 4k resolution at 12 frames per second, which is not great but it is still cool that they are pushing boundaries.  The black edition can also shoot 1440p video at 48 frames per second and 1080p at 60 frames per second which should make for some great film quality video and awesome slow motion bits respectively.  The black edition is also tuned for boosted low light performance and it comes with a WiFi remote.

The HERO3 is already sounding like it will be on many Christmas lists this year.  If we are lucky, this might also mean a price drop on the HERO2 as well.  Anyhow, if you want to know just how good the HERO3 performs check out a sample video below.

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