Hype Video: McLaren Teases F1 Successor Again In Aerodynamic Display

The Paris Motor Show is soon approaching and automotive media has been buzzing with the idea that McLaren will very likely unveil the officially successor to the legendary F1 supercar of the late 90s.  This buzz has been fueled by McLaren releasing teasers of what the car’s shape will be in pictures in which rays of light trace over the car’s aerodynamic footprint.  So far no actual facts have been released on the F1 successor’s specs but there are plenty of theories and rumors.  I heard myself from the sales manager at the Newport Beach McLaren dealership that the supercar will feature a similar engine to the MP4-12C but with way more power and a lot less weight.  This has been a sentiment shared by plenty of other gear-heads but, again nothing is solid.  Today, McLaren has decided to tease us a bit more by releasing a video, which pretty much shows the same thing the as the aforementioned picture does.  However, there is one moment in the flick that if you look very closely, you can start to see a few details.   See for yourself below.

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