Hype Boost: Edelbrock “E-Force” Supercharger For ’10-’12 Camaro SS

If there is one thing I love about the current crop of American muscle cars is that they are so ready for massive, irresponsible amounts of aftermarket power.  I really think if V8s and superchargers were people they would be married with 10 kids.  They love each other that much.

Anyhow, the reason why I bring this up is because whenever I get a modern muscle car, I plan on supercharging it.  As such I like to see the options out there for such a thing, and I have to say I am the most impressed with Edelbrock.  They have almost all the bases covered, they have a full line of street legal kits, and they back up just about everything they make with a warranty!

For those of you out there with the current gen Camaro SS you might want to consider their “E-Force” kit.  It will get you to just shy of 600HP, about 550ft-lbs of torque, and its all legal!  If I go with a Camaro myself I think this is the direction I am going to head in.

[Source: Edelbrock]

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