Chassis Hype: COBB Tuning Releases Anti Sway Bar Kit For 1st Gen Mazdaspeed3

The Mazdaspeed3 was a revelation for many reasons.  It was one of the first cars in its class and of its type to come from an OEM with just about everything needed to have fun on and off a race track.  There is plenty of power, but room for practical crap like food and kids and stuff.  The one weakness in the Mazdaspeed3’s armor is that it is FWD so it has a few of the downsides that come with that set up; namely understeer.  Mazda did their best to remedy the problem but there is always room for improvement.  That is where COBB Tuning comes in with their anti-sway bar kit.  This kit improves rigidity, turn-in, and reduces understeer in the corners.  This kit is a must if you have a first gen Mazdaspeed3 and you enjoy your track days.

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