Hype Video: Nissan Releases Mini-Documentary On The “Evolution Of GT-R”

It was only about a month ago when fear was spreading wide over the interwebs that Carlos Ghoson, CEO of Nissan has not officially signed off on development for the next GT-R.  This left a lot of people thinking that the GT-R was going to ride off into the sunset, again.  However, today Nissan released a mini-documentary dubbed “A new page was turned in the evolution of GT-R” which suggests that the GT-R’s time with us has not come to an end yet.  In the subtitled Japanese doc. viewers get taken behind the scenes of the club spec GT-R’s entry into the 24 hours of Nurburgring and what Nissan’s true intentions were in that effort.

The documentary also takes viewers back to the GT-R’s debut and how far their supercar as come since then.  There are also many references to the “future of the GT-R” so perhaps Godzilla is not going away after all.  Or maybe this documentary was done as some type of internal push to get Mr. Ghoson on board for signing for an extension of the GT-R’s lifespan.  Either way, it has been a fun ride so far! 

In the meantime check out the documentary below, but fair warning the video is in Japanese (with English subtitles) and nearly 20 minutes long.  Given its duration, if you are at work you may want to wait for your next break to watch it.

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