Scientific Hype: Discovery Attempts To Unlock The Physics Of Drifting

Drifting is a great sport for many reasons and when you ask most people why they love it they will probably cite its exciting nature.  However, another underlying reason which is just as important is that drifting does not require a ton of brain power to enjoy.  The mere sight of awesome cars going sideways at incredible speeds while leaving a ghostly trail of billowing smoke behind them is enough to bring a smile to most people’s faces.  Not much thought is required on the part of the spectator and that remains true of most except for us “super fans” out there.  If you are a die-hard enthusiast of drifting  you tend to do nothing but over-analyze as you watch every run.  Enthusiasts try to look at everything the judges do and pick apart every small detail.  But even that type of minutia would not be on the same level as a scientist breaking down the actual physics of drifting.

If you ever wanted to know things like how a drift car breaks traction then holds on to it, or how drivers manage to drift up-hill then you might want to check out this blog post on Discovery Channel’s website.  They get into all that stuff and more.  It is a pretty good read!

[Source: Discovery Channel Blog]

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