Gaming Hype Video: A Lession In Tire Physics From Turn 10 Studios And Pirelli Tire

When playing a driving simulation game, like Forza Motorsport you might ask yourself how the developers make the cars in the game handle like their real-life counterparts.  How do they do it?  Well I used to think they had some type of program in which they just entered the weights and dimensions of each car and the software did the rest.  That might have been true before but when Turn 10 Studios set out to make Forza Motorsport 4 they almost totally threw out their old method of calculating handling characteristics and relied on a new method with the help of Pirelli tire.  Turn 10 Studios had the epiphany that the essence of handling is literally where the rubber meets the road so they partnered with Pirelli tire to use the very same data from Pirelli’s tests and incorporated them into their physics engine to create a very realistic virtual interpretation of how a car will handle. 

There is more detail on the process they took in the video below.  Although, I should warn you: this video is almost like a physics lession!  You might have to watch it more than once to grasp the concepts being discussed but if this type of thing interests you (I know it interests me!) you will not be disappointed!

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