Wheel Hype: SSR Wheels iPhone/iPad App

Let me paint a word picture for you: You have your eye on a particular wheel but you are unsure how said wheel will look on your car.  You then go to your forum of choice and make a desperate plea that someone “photochop” the wheel onto a picture of your car.  Instead, forum trolls come out from under their bridge and begin an epic flame war hurling insults such as “your car is teh sux!!11” and “mY eG CiViC PwNs U!” then the power-drunk forum mod closes your thread and nothing gets accomplished except raising your blood pressure.  All too familiar isn’t it?

Well the guys at SSR Wheels found away for you to avoid all of that grief.  If you have a particular SSR wheel in mind for your car simply download their SSR Wheel app for your iPhone or iPad, take a side profile picture of your car, then use the app to apply any one of their wheels to your car with some simple touch screen drag & drop action!

If this glorious innovation has not brought you to tears yet you will certainly sob after I tell you that this app is totally free! Yes! Gratis!  Now, go fourth and wheel shop ’till your heart’s content!

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