Disney Hype: Cars Land Behind The Scenes Preview

If you have been paying attention to this blog over the last 6 months are so you should know that I am pretty damn excited for the opening of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure this summer.  So when I heard that there was a new behind the scenes exhibit opening up at the park I was all over it!  In this exhibit (located in the “Blue Sky Cellar” at California Adventure), there are scale models and concept art that inspired all of the up coming Cars Land attractions, as well as the entire Cars Land area in miniature!  Seeing all of these art pieces up close is pretty inspiring if you are the creative type.  If nothing else it will make you even more excited for Cars Land if you weren’t hyped up already.  If you are visiting Disneyland any time soon I highly suggest checking out this exhibit.  Otherwise just check out my pictures below instead.




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