Hype Rumor: Dodge Motorsports Taking 2013 Dodge Dart To Rally Cross?

Recently, two-time Formula Drift Champion and Dodge Challenger pilot Samuel Hubinette announced that he would be taking a break from drifting in 2012, limiting his participation to a few demos and maybe a few professional rounds.  He cited his departure to his sponsors having a “change in interests” and that he would focus more on other motorsports.

There have been rumors for a while that Sam would make a full-time transition to the fast growing sport of Rally X and that Dodge may go with him with the new 2013 Dodge Dart but nothing has been announced or even acknowledged by Dodge Motorsports.

Today,  I got a press release in the ol’ inbox from Chysler’s PR ninjas announcing a live webcast press conference event next monday with the CEO of the Dodge brand Reid Bigland and the CEO of Dodge’s SRT/Motorsports arm Ralph Gilles to announce a “new driver” as well as a “new venture with the 2013 Dodge Dart”.

Could this announcement confirm the rumors?  Is Dodge going to take the new Dart to Rally Cross with “The Crazy Swede”?

Well you can ask the big wigs at Dodge and SRT yourself on March 26th starting at 9:30am E.T. 

Link: http://www.host4video.com/dodge/motorsports/

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