Hype Kicks: Maserati MC12 Limited Edition Sneekers

One of my favorite cars is the Maserati Gran Turismo as I have said many times before the Gran Turismo is very “Bruce Wayne” which means awesome.  It also earns my affection because there is a very slim chance I will get to own one someday.  The only Maserati I like more than the Gran Turismo is the MC12 which is essentially Maserati’s spin on the Ferrari Enzo.  I love the MC12 because there is absolutely no chance I will ever get to one one at all.  However I can come close by putting a pair of MC12’s on my feet.  No, I have not lost my mind.  Maserati has released a set of special edition sneekers based on MC12 supercar.  The pair you see above even shares the same color way as the car but if for some reason you are not digging these kicks in the original MC12 colors there are plenty of other color options at the Maserati online store.  Although like the car, theses shoes are not cheep.  If you want a set of exotic Italians on your feet it is going to set you back 168 Euros or 221 bucks for us in the states.  I know 221 sounds like a lot for a pair of sneekers but but when you compare that to a 2 million dollar price tag for the car then the shoes are a steal!


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