Anti-Theft Hype: Project Kics License Plate Lock Bolts

Identity theft is a major problem all over the world which is why in countries like Japan it is required for car owners to use special bolts on their license plates to keep them from being stolen.  We don’t have that law here in the states but it couldn’t hurt to protect your plate (and potentially your nice license plate frame) from theft as well.  A set of these Project Kics License Plate Lock Bolts should do nicely for that task.  These specially designed bolts can only be removed with the key (included obviously) and are sure to protect your plate and maybe even your frame from would be thieves.  You can pick up a set of four bolts at Evasive Motorsports for about 30 bucks; which is a small price to pay if it means preventing some jackass from stealing your plate and slapping it on their getaway car the next time they decide to rob a liquor store!

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